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“What? 2.0? Seems pretty OLD considering that it was created in the late 2010s.”

Uncyc 2.0 is the second Uncyclopedia created by a Swedish guy on Miraheze... What? Do you seriously claim that it should be the third? Neh. That one on Wikia is Uncyclowikia and not Uncyclopedia. Nor the mirror uncyc. And definitely not (quote) "the mirror news wiki" (unquote)[1]. So again, it's the second Uncyclopedia no matter what you say. It's the founder's definite order and YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DISOBEY. F*ck OFF.

About[edit | edit source]

As Miraheze being the recent trend for those who want to fork Uncyclopedias (and sometimes even Wikipedias)[2], the Swedish guy, who is also the founder of now-English Swedish test wiki[3], has suddenly decided to create a fork of English Uncyclopedia... and not the Swedish Psyklopedin, the wiki which a vandal appeared on Uncyclomedia said that it should be vandalized[4] and suffered from fake error 404[5] generated by them.

No one actually knows why, but some say it was because of the update that made the user's js not working, and others say that s/he just dreamed of becoming the new Carlb. Maybe both of them are true after all.

Products[edit | edit source]

The biggest product of Uncyc 2.0 is definitely ZOMBIEBARN. The founder claims that it's ver 2.0 of Zombiebaron, but I guess it's rather something like Zombie Bernie Sanders. Feel the zombie barn.

The second biggest meme produced by them is "I OWN THE CONTENT AND NOT YOU, UNCYCLOPEDIA 1.0 PEOPLE". Well, it may be true, but only if the founder follow the licenses... NO, IT'S DEFINITELY TRUE BECAUSE THE FOUNDER CLAIMS SO... or you'll be BANNED.


~ The founder on ZOMBIEBARN

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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