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This article is too short. Please help Uncyc 2.0 by expanding it. This is Uncyc 2.0's Discord About page. You might look for the join link to the server? Click HERE for a direct link!

Rules[edit source]

  • No spamming, swearing, porn, or insults in the chat.

Channels[edit source]

  • #porn: This channel can be used if you want to post pornography, and users must be 18 years old to see the content due to any ugly images.
  • #general: General chat, also users need be 18+/confirm that porn images that occur to read the text and chat.
  • #sandbox: Like the Sandbox on the wiki, here you are welcome to experiment/test.
  • #admin-attention: This channel is for reporting any users who violating the Rules described above, to the staff so the user can be banned.
  • #ungames: The UnGames chat channel.
  • #web: Here you are welcome to post web links and spam without restrictions!

Color Legend[edit source]