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If you have problems with the CAPTCHA while trying to create an account? Request one here!

Instructions[edit source]

  1. Click on the new request button below. You will be asked to fill in your wanted username, email address (required, your request will be reviewed and if your account was created you will be emailed the login details), and reason why you are requesting the account.
  2. Follow the instructions on the next page and do exactly what it says
  3. Click save page (preview before saving, though) to check for errors
  4. While the administrator has created the account for you, an email with the account details and the password to log in with will be sent to your inbox. DO NOT REVEAL THE PASSWORD TO THE PUBLIC!
  5. If you do not find the email, try checking your "spam" folder in your email because some emails appear in that folder.
  6. If you have not got any email at all, please respond here.

To add a new request, click the button below.

New requests below this header please![edit source]

Your requested username: Psl631 test account (check if already exists)
Your e-mail address: pubjohn52@gmail.com
Reason why you are creating your account: test 14:43, 18 January 2019 (UTC)

You will be notified with e-mail after the account is created. An administrator will reply here after the account is created or if the request is declined. If you not getting the email, try this:

  • Check the "spam" folder in your email, because some emails will be placed there.
  • Check spellings and case-sensitivity, because emails are case-sensitive.

Go to account creation form. (Remember to copy the text from this page and the details)