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The admin mop of Uncyclopedia

Administrators (also known as admins or sysops) have ability here at Uncyclopedia to do some restricted tasks here. Administrators usually have the {{admin}} template on the userpage, displays the "mop" on the top right corner.

Obtaining the right[edit source]

The "administrator" right can be obtained by a community discussion at Uncyc 2.0:Requests for adminship with at least 60% support votes.

Revoking the right[edit source]

The administrator right may be revoked if;

  • The administrator self-requests the removal at the Uncyc 2.0:Community portal or by leaving a message on an active bureaucrat's talk page.
  • Miraheze staff insist on the administrator having their userrights removed due to Terms of Service violations.

Rights the userright grants[edit source]