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Welcome to our Requests for adminship page. Here you may request Admin/Bureaucrat permissions and make some admin actions, such as blocking spammers and vandals, deleting junk pages, protecting pages that are often vandalized, editing the MediaWiki: namespace, and more!

Criteria for adminship[edit source]

Candidates must be at Uncyclopedia:

  • active and trusted contributors
  • familar with our policies and guidelines
  • not using sock puppets (more than one account), only legitimate purposes of more than one account
  • make several contributions and willing to reply to discussions

After your nomination has been succeeded, and your rights have been granted, can you place the {{admin}} template on your userpage to display a small icon with a mop on the top of the right corner.

Voting Guidelines[edit source]

Only users with auto-confirmed accounts may vote in adminship discussions. You can either support, oppose, or make a neutral vote. All votes from the voting poll will be counted and for admin and bureaucrat at least 60% needs to be support votes to make the nomination be successful. Neutral votes will not be counted. Any comments should be made at the "Comments" section near the bottom of the page in the Comments form. IP users will have the voting form disabled and be asked to log in if they want to vote in the poll. They can submit comments without having to log in.

Nominate a user[edit source]

Admin[edit source]

Bureaucrat[edit source]

Please read Uncyc 2.0:Bureaucrats before requesting bureaucrat status. Follow the steps below to add a new request.

  1. Note that you must be admin here for at least 3 days and have made at least 50 edits before requesting bureaucrat status.
  2. Enter your user name in the box below (without the "User:" prefix), then click Nominate for bureaucrat to make the request page.
  3. Enter the required fields, such as right requested, and reason why you requesting.
  4. Click save page. Preview it before saving, though.
  5. Transclude the requests page below the "Current bureaucrat nominations" header by using {{Uncyclopedia_2.0:Requests_for_bureaucratship/PAGENAME}}, replacing "PAGENAME" with the sub page name. Also consider to make a link to the page by using [[Uncyclopedia_2.0:Requests_for_bureaucratship/PAGENAME]], also replacing "PAGENAME" with the sub page name.

Log in to request admin and bureaucrat rights to your account. IP users are also allowed to partipate in admin discussions.

Please purge this page to see recent admin nominations.

You need to log in to edit this page.

Current admin nominations[edit source]

Current bureaucrat nominations[edit source]